6 Quick Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Commercial Property

The arrival of spring means warmer weather, more rain, and, unfortunately, a need for spring cleaning. It’s necessary to do some maintenance on your property in between seasons in order to make sure that your curb appeal stays up. Winter is a rough season for facilities indoors and out: a commercial facility maintenance provider like Command7 can help prevent repairs and damage to save you time as well as money the rest of the year simply by engaging in routine maintenance. Here are six things you can do to get started on your springtime maintenance.

Check Outside

Your exterior and roof likely took a lot of weather damage during the winter. Snow and wind can accelerate a building’s aging process, leading to unsightly developments like chipped paint, damaged siding, holes in window screens, cracks in foundation, and damaged or missing roof shingles. When spring has sprung, it’s worth taking a walk outside to see what needs to be cleaned and maintained for the sake of your curb appeal.


Your plants will welcome the change in weather, and it’s important to take care of them. It might be necessary to remove dead plants from your property, especially after a dry summer or autumn: your plants might not have gotten the water they needed to survive, and it’s not always possible to find out that the plant has died until spring. Winter shoveling and plowing could also have caused damage to your plants: whether they’ve survived or not, remove gravel and other surface materials from plant beds. Also clean up broken plant limbs for safety as well as attractiveness.


The plants that are still living require care. Pruning them before they grow leaves in the spring can help improve a plant’s health, growth, and appearance, and can be done even before snow thaws. Look at where your plants are growing as well: clean up bed lines and apply fresh mulch, herbicides, and fertilizer if needed.

Irrigation Systems

If you use an irrigation system, make sure to check it for damage just before the grass starts growing in case it was damaged in freezing weather. Supplying water to your plants will help break them out of dormancy and also ensure that they stay healthy during times without rainfall. Make sure to remember to drain it properly before next winter!


More rainfall means more potential for problems with water control—and damage to your foundation, erosion of planting areas, problems in your basement, soil destruction, or even mudslides and sinkholes. As you walk around your property in the spring, note any locations of standing water or water coming off of your roof, trace it back to the source, and ask a facility maintenance company to help take care of the problem. As for what you can do, consider a catch basin or a gravel-filled drain to carry water away from where you don’t want it.

Mechanical Systems

Now that we’ve looked at the outside of your facility, it’s time to focus on what’s inside. Spring is the perfect time to replace the filter in your air conditioning unit: this will keep dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from interfering with employees or customers. Flush out your water heater in order to keep that in good shape as well and prevent expensive repairs or replacements down the line. Make sure that your fire safety system and carbon monoxide detectors are working: some may need calibration or replacement, and it’s better to make sure that your sprinkler system is inspected before any emergencies come up.

Let Command7 Take Care of Spring Cleaning

The transition between seasons can sometimes get messy, but that doesn’t mean that your commercial landscaping has to look unattractive in the meantime. Maintaining the exterior of your property, no matter what time of year it is, can help draw in customers and create the first impression you’re looking for, and Command7 has a variety of services available that can help. Whether your lawn needs regular trimming or you need to clean up debris after a heavy springtime storm, we can provide the services that you need across every one of your locations. For more about what facility maintenance we can offer, or to get a quote, call 855.214.2168 or fill out our online form.

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