Advantages of Building Maintenance Software

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Imagine walking on your retail site and ordering maintenance services using your phone or tablet. Taking it a step further, picture what it would be like for the service provider to respond quickly, complete the work to scope and communicate that the job was done. For procurement managers, facilities managers and other professionals responsible for maintaining retail locations, this scenario sounds like a dream come true.

Just as technology has enhanced so many business processes, it has also improved facility maintenance. Innovative maintenance software has changed the way businesses are maintaining their properties. There are many advantages to this technology, but first it is important to understand what is involved.

What is Involved in the Technology?

Depending on the maintenance provider you use, you should expect to have access to its software from any location with an Internet connection. The software should incorporate mobile technologies, such as text messaging, GeoCoding, mapping, tracking and MMS. Using the software, you should have the ability to order services, monitor work status and receive notifications as jobs are completed. Everything should be easy-to-use and quick.

How Software Can Improve the Maintenance of Your Properties

The advantages to using technology to maintain your properties are numerous. Below are a few that we have highlighted for you.

  • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently. Instead of spending time searching for a service provider, you can go to one central place to order what you need, saving you time and money.
  • Improve workflow. With software, you can stay informed at all times and keep up on all of your maintenance needs.
  • Achieve greater control over safety and maintenance. Because of the ease of use, you can gain complete control over your maintenance operations.
  • Improve communication. By having access 24/7 to your maintenance orders, you can seamlessly communicate the status to others within your company. No one is left wondering if work was ordered and/or completed.
  • Ensure compliance to your corporate brand and performance standards. When you work with a maintenance company that uses software, you can feel confident knowing that the maintenance complies with your corporate brand and standards. For example, Command7 uses technology to create and maintain a network of approved service providers and is then able to confirm work has been done to scope at the quality clients expect.

Command7 Uses Patented Technology & Processes

Command7 has revolutionized the way property maintenance is handled with our patented technology. Not only are we able to maintain a large network of vendors ready at a moment’s notice, we are also able to standardize processes. We use our technology to monitor and track workflows to ensure customer satisfaction. Our building maintenance software is built around our customers’ needs.

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