Cold Weather Pest Control – The Chilly Facts about Bugs


As the weather gets colder, humans aren’t the only ones feeling it. If you’re feeling cold, so are the pests outside. A lot of people think that insects die off when the weather gets cold, but they can be very stubborn about surviving the season. Insects like earwigs, carpenter ants, and oriental cockroaches will seek out moist, warm areas with readily-available food when it gets cold out, which often means that they become unwelcome visitors in your business.

Fall is a time when pests of all kinds are particularly active—it’s when they’re trying their hardest to survive and prepare for the cold weather. If you see insects gathering on the sunny side of your building in large groups, it’s probably because they’re trying to move in, which isn’t good for you or your customers. Put a stop to that as soon as possible with these tips:

Seal entrances

Keeping the pests from getting in at all is the first step to controlling them. You will want to patch up any holes in your building that might exist and serve as entry points for insects. This means replacing window screens, caulking the edges and applying weather stripping to doors and windows, and blocking or filling in existing holes or cracks in your walls, ceiling, or cabinets.

Watch what you bring in

Sometimes insects might not come in your property on their own. You might end up accidentally bringing them in. Carpenter ants, for instance, freeze in cold weather and don’t thaw out until they get warm, which can happen if you bring them in on the wood that they sometimes cling to before they freeze. Earwigs can also be brought in through soil and outdoor plants that get transferred inside.

Tidy up

Make your property less appealing to insects looking for a warm home by taking away any sources of food and shelter. A lot of insects can be found in drains, porches, damp basement areas, and any other place where organic material is allowed to decay. Trash cans in particular are a favorite place of pests, so keep them outside, if possible. Organize your business and any storage areas to make sure that you’re not making any cozy nooks or crannies for insects.

Hire commercial pest control experts

In order to truly prevent pests from getting in, you need to know their behavior and the signs of infestation. Command7 can help safely eliminate pests from your business and teach you how to keep them away. If you’re looking for a commercial pest control quote, call us at 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form.

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