HVAC Maintenance to Help You Keep Your System Running

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It’s far better to be in a situation where you are proactive with your commercial HVAC system than reactive. There are certain preventative maintenance tasks that can improve the operation and efficiency of your equipment, resulting in lower maintenance costs for your commercial property. View the following information to help you with each of your facilities.

1. Service Your HVAC Equipment in the Spring and Fall

The general rule of thumb for servicing is twice a year. Ideally this servicing should occur in the spring and fall to confirm the equipment is performing at its best in the winter and summer months, as those times of year are the hardest on the system.

2. Inspect the Units

There are various areas that need to be checked regarding outdoor HVAC equipment. The following are items that should be evaluated.

  • Inspect the coils and cabinets and refrigerant levels.
  • The compressors, tubing, fan motors and fan blades should be checked for damage.
  • View the base pans to ensure drain openings are not obstructed.
    Inspect controls.

Indoor equipment also requires inspection. Below are some items to add to the inspection list.

  • Evaluate the ignition system, safety controls, fan belts and heating elements.
  • Check thermostats.

3. Replace Filters Regularly

Filters can cause all sorts of problems, if they are not replaced regularly. Dirty filters not only restrict the airflow, but can also lead to poor air quality inside the building and other HVAC maintenance issues. It is imperative to replace filters to avoid costly damage and problems. On a positive note, by changing filters on a regular basis, energy costs could be reduced.

4. Choose Commercial HVAC Services From a Knowledgeable Technician

Understand that the tips provided in this article are general and your commercial HVAC system might require specific maintenance tasks. A knowledgeable technician will be able to run through a maintenance checklist and analyze if your equipment is running optimally. Again, being proactive is the best approach to running your systems efficiently. Ongoing maintenance also ensures you are not wasting energy with poor-performing or faulty HVAC systems.

The Command7 Way

Command7 offers a comprehensive HVAC maintenance program that reduces down time and increases the longevity of HVAC systems. We also provide repair services to keep your equipment running. Contact Command7 today at 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form. We will help you with all aspects of heating and cooling for your commercial property.

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