What Are Commercial Landscape Architects?

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If you’ve thought about landscaping your property, you’ve probably talked to, or at least researched, some commercial landscape architects. You know that they work to make your property look good to draw in customers to your business, but also to create aesthetic and fiscal value, save costs on things like heating and cooling, and make your property environmentally-friendly. So what do commercial landscape architects do to make that possible? Here are the different roles that they will take while working on your project.


In order to build or remodel property, a landscape architect is going to need to know everything about what and who they’re working with. They will talk to you about what your needs are and your vision for the project to make sure that your expectations are met and exceeded where possible. They will also take a look at your property. When they do this, they’re looking for your property’s strengths and weaknesses. What about this land is special and should be highlighted? What isn’t as nice and should be hidden? How can we preserve the land as much as possible? What are we working against in terms of weather and climate? Could we find a way to make the buildings run greener? What does the soil quality look like, and can it support particular plants? How can we get this to work with our plans?


Once a landscape architect is done answering questions and collecting details, they take over as a planner for your project. Until now, they’ve been working with ideas: now comes the time for visualizing. Plot plans and site plans allow them to map out the placement of features and the geographic area that they’re working with. This allows them to get the practical challenges like topography, buildings, and utilities laid out on paper before they can start thinking about making it beautiful.


Landscape architects are also artists in that they design how your property looks. Their more detailed plans will feature not only utilities, but also where any plants, fountains, benches, or other beautifying features will go. When they’re designing how your property looks, landscape architects may consult you for design suggestions and draw their inspiration from art, architecture, or the natural world to work with what your goals for your site are. You will probably see the plans at some point during this stage of their process to make sure that everything looks the way you want it to or better.


The job of a landscape architect doesn’t necessarily end when they hand over the blueprints. Even after the planning phase is done, architects may still meet with you and work with any construction teams to make sure their designs and your visions get captured the way you both want. They may keep their finger on the pulse of your project for the entire time and talk to you about how successful you both thought it was. If necessary, especially in cases where the landscape needs care and maintenance after its construction, it’s possible that they could oversee the management of the site after its construction.

Commercial Landscaping with Command7

A good commercial landscape architect can do a lot for your business. Beautiful property is a big draw for customers and a major revenue boost: if you can make your business run efficiently while you’re doing that, it’s even better. These professionals can help.

If you have commercial landscaping needs, get in touch with the Command7 team. We have a network all over the United States that can take care of your properties. To get a quote or answers to your landscaping questions, call 855-214-2168 or fill out this contact form.

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