Conserve Energy with Windbreaks

Sustainability is as much about reducing your impact on the environment as it is becoming efficient and productive with less. Sometimes this means installing irrigation systems or upgrading appliances. Other times, however, it might be as simple as some new plants.

Windbreaks are a line of trees or shrubs sometimes combined with a wall, fence, or raised area of soil that are specifically designed to block out as much wind as possible. They protect people and buildings from wind as well as any unpleasant sounds, sights, or smells that could linger around your business. In addition, they’re much more pleasing to look at than an open area and benefit soil and water conservation by helping prevent runoff.

What we think might be of the most interest to you, though, is that windbreaks can reduce your property’s energy bills. Here’s how:

Protection from the Wind

When you plant trees or shrubs a certain distance away from your building, you’ll get maximum protection from the wind that will only increase as the plants grow older and bigger. Typically these plants are planted close together so that they can block wind close to the ground as well as up near the treetops. Reducing wind increases comfort for employees and customers alike: wind chill is a fact of cold winter weather, but can be partly negated by the use of windbreaks. This can be a big help even in the summer, when not all breezes are cool and refreshing and you want to keep as much extra heat away from your building as possible. As long as you are careful about where you plant your windbreak so that you don’t block out solar heat and natural light as well as wind, it’s possible to control part of the environment outside of your property.

Temperature Regulation

In addition to controlling the perceived temperature of wind chill, windbreaks can also help you maintain or control the temperature in and around your building. When there’s a plant or other barrier blocking wind from reaching the walls of a building, a pocket of dead air is created: this air has an insulating effect because it doesn’t carry temperatures like wind does. Not only that, but a more temperate outside means that the inside of your building can be more comfortable. When there isn’t as much hot or cold air immediately around your building, you won’t be overworking your HVAC system, which will cut down on your energy use and the amount of money you could potentially spend on a broken system. While Command7 also has HVAC repair services in case that happens, why wait for it to become a problem?

Snow Accumulation Prevention

For those areas that get harsh winter weather complete with snow, windbreaks and snow fences can break snow drifts up. The same principle that blocks wind from reaching your building will also block snow from reaching your building. This will help cut down on the amount of snow that accumulates around your property, meaning that you won’t have to remove as much of it and it won’t cause the problems that large amounts of accumulated snow have been known to cause.

Ask Command7 about Windbreaks

If you’re interested in conserving energy, reducing bills, and fighting climate change in an eco-friendly and beautiful way, windbreaks might be exactly what your property needs. Command7’s sustainable commercial landscaping experts can help make your green property vision a reality. Not only do we know how to pick the plants for a windbreak and get them in place, but we can also take care of them after they’re planted to ensure the life of your windbreak and your energy conservation strategy. For more information or a quote on any landscaping services, including windbreaks, call 855-214-2168 or contact us online.

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