How Facilities are Maintained and Improved

There’s no better support for a business than a facility maintenance company. Making sure your facility runs properly can seem like a big cost upfront, but it can save you greater expenses later on in the form of money, downtime, and even audit results. While you can run your building until it breaks, preventative maintenance is recommended to ensure that your critical equipment functions and that your employees can operate at the very best they can. Below are the three paradigms of facility maintenance that could come up in an audit: when it comes to making sure your building works and making plans to improve it when it doesn’t, call Command7.


Any outside organization looking into your business will inevitably look at the people who work there: they are as much a part of your facility as your equipment is. Your employees and staff will have their performance judged based on how prepared they are for the jobs they do, whether in terms of knowledge, equipment, or ability to fulfill the task given sufficient time. Making sure that your employees know how things work and what to do when they don’t is an important part of making sure that you pass inspections: you can help them out by properly managing your equipment and knowing when to call your facility maintenance company to do necessary work on your important tools.


Having good practices in place and making sure that everyone follows them will help make sure that everything stays working in your building. Proper training and ensuring that you follow all appropriate guidelines not only means that your machines run longer and don’t get damaged as often, but your employees are safe as well: improper operation of some equipment can lead to injuries and lost time. Remember that there can be a big learning curve associated with starting a new process in your facility, so make sure that you allow adequate time to get everyone under your roof up to speed so that you don’t face delays and costs later. Keep these processes well-documented and update these documents when needed.


Everything in your building is integral to how it runs, and it’s important that everything is in working order. In an inspection, the vital equipment that your facility depends on is going to be analyzed for how safe it is and how it affects the way your building and everything inside of it operates. The documentation surrounding its maintenance and operation can also be subject to inspections, and it’s crucial to keep that information up-to-date and accessible. Even things like your HVAC system, electrical wiring, and plumbing all have an impact on how your facility runs and have a lot to do with how safe and even sanitary your facility is. Keeping your building working is what a facility maintenance company is for, and investing in regular maintenance and smaller repairs as needed can keep your facility and the business within it from suffering major losses later on.

Command7 Facility Maintenance

It’s important to make sure that everything under your roof runs smoothly. When it comes to facility maintenance, Command7 has your entire brand covered. We make sure that your building stays up and running as long as possible in order to minimize your downtime and keep everyone under your roof safe. Being aware of your condition is the first step toward improving it, and by scheduling your regular facility maintenance with us, we can help you move forward. For more information on what we offer, or a quote for our services, call 855.214.2168 or use our online form.

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