Facility Maintenance Companies – What You Should Ask Before You Hire

Should you go with a local service provider to handle the maintenance of your facilities? Or should you hire a large national company that may be more expensive? These two questions are among many when researching facility maintenance companies. Choosing a company is a big decision, since it can significantly impact the perception of your brand. Therefore, there is a lot riding on your selection.

Critical Questions You Should Ask

Command7 has been handling the maintenance of properties for a long time and we know what makes a good service provider. We want to make sure that you are equipped with knowledge and questions to ask when vetting companies, so that you choose the best company to handle your portfolio of properties.

What system and processes are used to manage services?

When you are the one who is putting your reputation on the line, you should know how facility maintenance services are ordered, tracked and reported. Make sure you ask any potential maintenance company how it handles work orders and communicates the status of a job. Ideally, the company will use technology and a centralized network to outsource to pre-screened service providers and monitor the progress of their work. Be cautious of a company still relying on paperwork, as it could result in slow turnaround times and poor communication.

What maintenance services are offered?

It is rare that your facilities will only need one type of service. Typically, your properties will require landscaping, parking lot services, pest control, electrical repair and more. The most efficient way to handle all of these services is through one company. Piggybacking on the first question in our list, if that company uses facility maintenance software and has a network of service providers, it can successfully offer a range of services to meet your needs. Therefore, you will always know what to expect—a lot is riding on consistency and dependability.

What locations are serviced?

This question is another important one that goes along with the concept of consistency and dependability. If your organization operates facilities in multiple locations, it is time consuming to find service providers in each of those areas. It is far more efficient and cost effective to work with one company. Unfortunately, some of the large nationwide maintenance providers are pricey, but the service isn’t great. Look for a provider that is nimble enough to service every market, yet still offers the customer service of a small local company.

The Command7 Approach

At Command7, we are able to service locations throughout the country and use patented technology and processes to provide fast, reliable service. Contact us today to obtain your free quote.

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