Five Ways to Keep Pests Out

Once you see one insect, rodent, or other pest within your business establishment, you know that you have more than just a small problem on your hands. Pests cost businesses a lot of money each year and cause even more damage than that. They can hurt your building, inventory, and reputation, threaten your employees’ and customers’ health, and decrease morale and productivity in your building. No one wants that, but where can you begin with keeping pests under control?

There are a few methods that can be used, but they aren’t necessarily one size fits all. Each method needs to be applied in its own way, and you can get the best coverage by using a combination of these options. If you’re uncomfortable handling pest control in-house or need the opinions of an expert, a commercial pest control company like Command7 can help.


If your problem is mice or rats rather than insects, traps might be something to consider. For rodents, these can come in the form of box traps or mouse traps. This type of pest control catches and holds pests until you can dispose of them properly.


Baits can be used in combination with traps to help control populations of insects or rodents. Some baits are designed to lure pests toward a trap that contains them, and can take the form of pesticides, diatomaceous earth, or even common pantry items that your pests feed on. Other baits are less about luring pests into a trap and more about attacking the source: these types of baits entice pests to feed on poisons and bring them back to colonies to poison and eliminate the entire population.


Insecticides and pesticides are used by pest control companies as well as homeowners to eliminate and keep out pest populations. They can be purchased at hardware stores and other similar retailers, and should be applied according to a manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re not comfortable applying chemicals or want to look into eco-friendly options, Command7 has the resources and information that you need.

Beneficial Insects

If your problem is with insects, it might seem counter-intuitive to release even more bugs onto your property. Some insects that attack outdoor foliage and garden plants have naturally-occurring predators, though, which you can release outdoors to help contain the problem. It’s as simple as doing research into beneficial insects, ordering some through a garden catalog or other service, and putting them outside to take care of the problem naturally.


Keeping pests out before they can get in and cause problems should be part of every commercial pest control plan. Not only will prevention keep pests out, but if they get in and are successfully controlled, it could keep them from coming back. When it comes to keeping pests out, there are three areas to look at, which a commercial pest control service can help you learn more about:

1. Entryways

If you seal off entrances, nothing can get in. Doors, windows, vents, cracks, and holes in the floor and walls are obvious places where pests can get in and should be tightly sealed. Also consider pests that could get in around your plumbing system or walk in as supplies are being delivered.

2. Food and Water

Everything needs food and water to survive, so removing these things will also help remove pests. Pests aren’t as picky as people are, so controlling food sources is a matter of keeping your building clean and food containers sealed. When it comes to water, sources include plumbing, fountains, restrooms, leaky or faulty drains, and condensation from an air conditioning unit should be checked on.

3. Shelter

Make your building an unattractive place for pests to settle down and breed to contain the problem. Pests tend to pick small and dark areas to make their homes and have offspring, so sealing off cracks and crevices will keep them contained. Keeping your building tidy will reduce the amount of potential nesting material available as well.

Keep Your Pests Under Control with Command7

Pests are bad news for any business. Luckily, there are a variety of options for dealing with them. If you don’t know which methods or combination of methods are best for your facility, though, a pest control specialist can help you. Consider getting in touch with the team at Command7 to cover pest control for your entire brand. We know all about the problems and pests unique to your area(s), and scheduling regular maintenance with us will help pests stay away. For more information about our options for prevention and treatment, call 855.214.2168 or reach out online.

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