How to Get Rid of Weeds on Your Commercial Property

Spring is officially here, which means a lot of great changes. Warm days are on the way, thanks to longer days and more sunshine, and plants will start growing and flowering. Unfortunately for property managers and others who want to keep their landscape looking great, weeds are also plants, and they love this weather as much as we do. Here are some tips on how to get rid of weeds from the commercial landscaping team at Command7.

Nurture Your Grass and Soil

Lawn care isn’t just about getting rid of weeds: taking care of your lawn should be the first priority. While weeds love compacted, infertile soil with a low pH, lawns don’t: helping your lawn thrive will keep it thick, which will crowd out the weeds that compete with your grass for resources. When the time comes to get your lawn back into shape, take a soil test and make whatever adjustments you need to in order to find the optimal conditions for your lawn.

For those who are interested in fertilizing their lawns to make sure that they stay thick and healthy year-round, chemicals can be applied once the weather becomes consistent. When looking into fertilizers, look for those that contain three specific nutrients: nitrogen to help the grass become greener; phosphate for growth promotion; and potassium for overall plant health. A commercial landscaper can help you find the mix of nutrients that will work best for your lawn.

Manual Treatment Can Work

Whether you’re conscious of your impact on the environment or simply want to save time and money, there are reasons to avoid breaking out chemical treatments right away. Once spring has sprung, don’t immediately start applying chemicals. Instead, try raking up leaves and other debris and letting your lawn get air and light first. This can help it wake up after a winter of dormancy and help it get a head start on fighting off weeds.

Even areas of your property where grass won’t grow due to lighting or soil conditions could benefit from a manual approach. For areas like these, try laying down weed control fabric and putting stones or mulch over top of it. Ground cover plants that can survive in conditions where grass can’t can also serve to block out weeds.

Know Your Herbicide Options

If you are looking for chemical options to control weeds, it’s worth knowing what all of them do. Keep in mind that even within the different types of herbicides there are differences in how they’re applied, and make sure that you follow the directions on the label carefully: more herbicide isn’t always better, and making sure that you follow the recommended mixtures and timelines will help you avoid problems. Also note that the type of chemical weed control you use can change depending on what time of year it is: a commercial landscaper will be able to advise you on what works for the weeds you’re fighting.

  • Pre-emergent herbicides help prevent seeds from sprouting
  • Post-emergent herbicides kill plants by interrupting the chemical processes that help them grow
  • Selective herbicides kill certain kinds of plants by interacting with chemicals or enzymes in them
  • Nonselective herbicides kill any plants they touch and are used for spot treatments
  • Total vegetation herbicides kill all plants and sterilize the ground they touch

Keep Your Lawn Trimmed

Never underestimate the importance of keeping a lawn mowed to the proper height. Grass that’s at its ideal height will be healthy enough to out-compete weeds and be able to insulate the soil temperature: keeping soil shaded and cool will help prevent some weeds from sprouting and keep them from growing once they’ve sprouted. Mowing can also keep weeds in check by removing seed heads before they can mature, which keeps weeds from spreading all over your lawn.

Command7 Weed Control

A gorgeous lawn is an asset to your property, and weeds can spoil your landscaping. Weeds are resilient, prolific, and have root systems and seed cycles that can give you problems no matter what time of year it is. It takes a lot of work to control them year-round—a commercial landscaper can help with weed control, as well as the aeration, soil testing, and seeding that you need to keep your lawn looking great. Command7 can offer you weed control and commercial landscape maintenance year-round based on you and your brand’s needs. For more information on what we offer or a quote for our services, call 855.214.2168 or fill out our online form.

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