Keep Your Customers Safe in Your Parking Lot

Wear and tear on a parking lot is bound to happen over time, no matter how much care you put into it. Even if your parking lot is in good shape and looks nice, weather conditions and car fluids can make lots slick and otherwise dangerous for employees and pedestrians alike. In many areas, companies are liable for any accidents that happen in their private parking lots, and legal issues often mean time and money expenses for companies as they work to correct the problem.

Parking lot maintenance might seem like an expensive investment, but it will be worth it in the long run to keep your customers safe. There are a lot of ways that a poorly-maintained parking lot can do damage, and solving problems before they come up is the best way to protect your bottom line. Command7 can help you with your parking lot safety makeover, but in the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started.

Fill in Holes

Potholes, cracks, and other dips in the pavement can lead to damage and accidents. Tripping and falling isn’t the only hazard, though: cyclists can get thrown from their bikes, too deep of a hole can cause a car’s frame to scrape on the pavement, and driving over holes can damage car tires and suspension. Make sure that your parking lot is safe from accidents by hiring a parking lot maintenance company to fill in dangerous and potentially expensive holes.

Shed Some Light on the Problem

Making sure that your parking lot is well-lit heads off a lot of problems. It helps decrease the risk of accidents by making sure that people and cars can see each other and ensures that customers feel safe as they’re walking to and from their cars. Putting in lights in dark areas, along walkways, and where customers park and making sure that the lights get fixed and replaced when necessary makes sure that customers can be aware of potential hazards from cars to criminals to cracks in the pavement.

Apply High-Visibility Paint

Making sure that people can see parts of your parking lot is good step toward making it as safe as possible. High-visibility paint applied to speed bumps, curbs, bumpers, pedestrian walkways, and on parking spaces helps make sure that they’re visible no matter what time of day or weather conditions arise. Not only does this help make sure that people park in the right places and don’t trip, but it also helps with traffic flow: by making it clear where people are supposed to drive and walk, cars and pedestrians can navigate through lots smoothly and minimize the chance of dangerous accidents.

Keep it Clean and Smooth

Parking lots should be kept as easy to walk on as possible, and this means cleaning them up when necessary. Wet leaves, snow, ice, pollution, rainwater, and ice can all become slipping and tripping hazards. Filling in holes and making sure they drain properly is only part of the solution: removing seasonal debris and hazards is something that should be thought about all year.

Call Command7

Not only do your customers and employees deserve to be safe on your premises, but it’s good for your business. Keeping your parking lot in working order can prevent a variety of accidents, and making sure that it looks good will keep your customers coming back. When you’re looking into parking lot maintenance, whether you have one location or many across the country, the team at Command7 can provide repair and maintenance services for your parking lot to keep it safe. For more information or a quote, call 855.214.2168 or contact us online.

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