Keep Springtime Pests from Bugging Your Business

Springtime is a welcome relief from cold weather and, depending on where you live, snow and ice. Humans definitely enjoy the change in seasons, but so do other animals, including unwelcome pests. Bugs can contaminate your supplies, seriously annoy your employees and customers, and even cause diseases or allergic reactions.

Command7 knows how to handle bugs. Here are tips to avoid five common springtime insects. If you want to get rid of them altogether, consider giving us a call.

Bees and Wasps

These stinging pests, which go dormant after the first frost of winter, start building their nests and hives in the spring. Stings from both insects lead to pain, itching, swelling, and potentially fatal allergic reactions. Get medical attention for anyone feeling dizzy or having difficulty swallowing after getting stung, and anyone with an out-of-date tetanus shot should get a new one after being stung.

Avoid fragrances if you’re going to be outside a lot. Keep your sugary food and drinks sealed or inside to keep hungry insects from climbing in. Clothes with bright colors or patterns could trick a bee into thinking you’re a flower, so keep it toned down. If one lands on you, keep still and don’t swat at it: they will generally fly away if left alone.


The ultimate in summer annoyances, mosquitos can spread a number of diseases. The bites are irritating, but tend to go away in a few days and can be treated with over-the-counter itch creams. Feverish or flu-like symptoms within 48 hours of a bite should be checked out by a doctor.

The best way to avoid bites is to cover your skin. Wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, and a hat while you’re outdoors. Avoid doing outdoor work in the heat of the day: dawn and the time after sunset are times when mosquitos aren’t active and an optimal time to avoid producing the heat, sweat, and breath that attracts them. Be careful around stagnant water, and use mosquito repellants.

Fire Ants

The upper Midwest and North Atlantic don’t have to worry about these, but areas like California, Texas, and Arizona deal with fire ants. They’re larger than picnic ants and their bites are painful and can potentially trigger allergic reactions. Bites can be treated like an insect sting, and the welts should go away in a few days.

Avoid fire ants by staying away from their mounds. They are around two feet high and constructed from any type of soil, but these ants like the sun. They aren’t likely to attack a moving target, so keep moving and don’t set anything up around them. They can be treated with bait around the mound, which Command7 can apply for you.


Most flies are a minor nuisance. However, all of them swarm and lay eggs when it gets warm out, and female horse flies in particular are aggressive and have painful bites. Most bites can be treated with a number of over-the-counter remedies.

Flies are less active at night and before sunrise, so if there’s outdoor work to be done, try to do it then. Wear long clothing and apply essential oils to keep them away.


The Northeast, Northern Midwest, and areas west of the Rockies might not get fire ants, but they get ticks. Ticks carry a number of infections, including the debilitating Lyme disease.

Wear long clothing if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in wooded areas. Apply natural or synthetic tick repellants, and any shop dogs or other animals should be given tick prevention treatments. Washing off within two hours of being outside and full-body checks within 36 hours re optimal to minimize complications from a bite.

Command7 Takes Care of Springtime Pests

Don’t wait until the seasons finally shift: preparing for springtime pests in advance can save you money and headaches in the long run. Command7 can help keep you, your employees, and your customers from getting annoyed, bitten, or stung. We can provide eco-friendly treatment for whatever bugs come out this time of year and educate you on the best ways to keep any infestations out of your building. For commercial pest control services call 855-214-2168 or fill out an online form to get started.

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