What You Should Know about Landscape Contracts

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If you’re looking into getting a commercial landscape service, the options can seem overwhelming. How do you know what services your property needs? Can the companies you’re looking at actually do what they’re promising you? Here are some things to look for while you’re working out your commercial landscape contract.

Start with a Clear Vision

Before you pick up the phone or go online to contact someone, make sure that you know exactly what it is that your property needs. Put together some criteria for what you expect from your landscaper so that all of the companies you look at are held to the same standards for easier comparisons. Any good company will look at the specifications you put forward and go the extra mile by creating a program around your needs and offering suggestions—give them the chance to put their best foot forward. Here are some ideas for what you can make a part of your landscape vision:

  • A reasonable time frame and deadline
  • Any plants that need to be trimmed, mulched, or fertilized: shrubs, trees, lawns, flower beds, etc.
  • Any parts of your property that you feel would be an area of concern and could require specialized work or equipment
  • What kinds of seasonal services you might like performed, like leaf or snow removal
  • If you’re looking to switch providers, be prepared to tell your potential new contractors what you like about your current service and what you would like to be done better
  • The age of your property, which could determine whether it requires more maintenance or even updating

Ask the Right Questions

You might come up with questions as you’re talking to landscaper, but it’s good to go into a meeting with some in mind. For example, you could ask someone about:

  • How frequently they plan to come out for a particular service
  • What, if anything, they offer warranties on
  • What kind of experts they have on staff who might be working with you on a project
  • How many man-hours a project will need
  • Whether they have any references you can call to seek recommendations from

Beware of Cutting Corners

There are some companies out there that will try to save money on their operating expenses by giving you less than the quality service you deserve. Be sure to ask that the specific services and timelines they provide are in writing before you sign any contract.

Reach out to Command7

If you don’t know where to start with your commercial landscape maintenance contract search, Command7 is a good place to look. We can service anyone in the United States interested in keeping their business working and looking its best, and we can work with you to create a customized plan that works with your needs. If you want more information or a quote for what you’re looking for, call 855-214-2168 or use our contact form.

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