Leaf Removal for Commercial Properties

fall leaves

Fall leaves are beautiful when they first fall. After that, reality sets in—if you don’t remove leaves from your commercial property, they could rot, invite rodents, or just accumulate and lower curb appeal. Don’t wait until they’re unmanageable. Below are ways to tackle leaf problems on your property.

Check your local laws

Unfortunately, raking leaves isn’t as easy as stuffing them in a bag and putting them on the curb. Some cities and towns have specific guidelines in place for leaf removal—everything from the schedule to how far away from the curb the bag has to be to what type of bag you use can be mentioned in these laws. Check your municipality’s website or call the public works department before the leaves fall so you can be prepared for whatever happens. Note: an experienced landscaper should be aware of these laws.

Pace the removal

Leaves don’t all fall on the same day, meaning everything may not be cleaned in one day, either. Also, be aware that the landscaper won’t (or shouldn’t) rake leaves in the wind, as it will only add more work.

Use the right tools

The right tools can make all the difference when removing leaves. Standard-width rakes are the most ideal in terms of the amount of pressure needed to capture leaves and rake between shrubs and flower beds. Lawnmowers can help mulch or bag leaves. They will leave leaf pieces in the lawn, but this can help enrich the soil. Leaf blowers can also be useful to get leaves off of the property. Your landscaper might use a flat attachment to lift and blow leaves and a round one for dirt and other debris. Leaf blowers can also take care of leaves on the bushes and foundation. Leaves are often gathered on a tarp for easier removal, which is another tool that might be utilized.

Hire a commercial landscaping company

Your commercial landscape says a lot about your business, so be sure it always looks great. Command7 is here to help. We make it easy to order and manage services for each of your retail locations. Using our patented technology, we are able to service all 50 states, making property maintenance a seamless task for your company. For more information about our leaf removal services, call 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form.

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