Looking at Landscape through a Customer’s Eyes

It’s important for any business to know what their customers want—after all, you wouldn’t be in business for very long if you ignored them. However, there’s a difference between providing a service to a customer and looking at your business as a customer. It’s important for all service providers, including us at Command7, to stand in our client’s place and look at ourselves from the outside in. Here are the ways that we use our client’s needs to help make us better commercial landscapers.

Remain Proactive

No business market ever stays the same for very long, and no matter who you are, being proactive is important. Whether it’s advances in technology, new competitors starting up, or unforeseen opportunities, the needs of customers can evolve, and it’s your job to be an innovator in order to serve them.

Looking for the best ways to serve you is what Command7 takes pride in. We combine the best of both worlds: we have the reach of a national organization with the attention of a local one. Our team is made up of experienced industry professionals who use their expertise to work on what’s important to you while providing quality service.

Understand Customer Problems

Customers are people with problems, and you’re in business to provide a solution. This is more than just listening to complaints: it’s about taking suggestions, really listening to them, and finding a way to make their vision a reality.

At Command7, we know about your concerns. Managers and employees aren’t necessarily going to be landscape professionals and need to worry about the other aspects of running a business. We take the stress out of worrying about how the outside of your business looks, how safe it is, and how it reflects your values as a company. We wouldn’t be able to do this if we didn’t understand you.

Innovate to Serve Unmet Needs

Paying attention to what goes on outside of your doors helps bring in fresh ideas. Current and potential customers have lives outside of your business, and knowing even a little bit about their needs can give you perspective on how to create value for them as well as you. If you notice that they have a need that isn’t being met, you can work to provide it for them, which gives you an edge on your competition.

Commercial landscaping literally changes with the weather, and Command7 has your needs covered. Whether it’s finding new and better ways to make our nationwide coverage more efficient, making sure that you save time and money by taking responsibilities off of your plate, or even providing new services to help you become more efficient and sustainable in your landscaping, we can find a solution that works for you.

Adapt and Thrive

Businesses that look outward instead of inward for improvements can excel. A little bit of outside perspective or insight does wonders for understanding what people need, which can be put to better use than internal restructuring.

Command7 adapts by embracing technology. All of our software is cloud-based, meaning that up-to-date information is available on all devices at all times. We make sure that everyone on our team has the same information to increase efficiency and ensure that agreed-upon needs are met without going beyond what’s necessary.

Command7 Sees Eye-to-Eye with You

The Command7 team isn’t just a network of experts on landscaping: we also strive to be experts on you and your brand. We work with you to understand your needs and provide consistent quality options just for you. Our team is spread out all over the United States and has the technology of a national commercial landscaper with the personal service you would expect from a local company. To get a quote or talk more about what Command7 can offer you, call 855-214-2168 or contact us online.

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