Make Pest Control a Team Effort

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The retail environment should be a welcoming one for customers, which makes facility maintenance so critical. Commercial pest control is a large component of maintaining a retail location and is one that typically requires professional assistance. Employees can also be key in controlling and even preventing pests on the property. If properly equipped, they can watch for pests, be proactive and take action when necessary, which will ultimately help protect your brand. We have outlined some ways that you can equip your employees.

Know the signs.

Some pests are elusive making it difficult to spot them. Yet, most pests do leave traces that they have been on the property and may still be nearby. For example, chew marks on doorframes, baseboards and utility openings could indicate that rodents have been present on the property. Droppings are another telltale sign of rodents. Regarding insects, glue boards can be used to identify and trap these pests.

When employees are watching for signs of pests, they might not know what has entered the property, but they should be sure to notate where the signs have been spotted and the frequency. This information will be helpful if a commercial pest control service company is brought in.

Avoid attracting pests.

In a previous blog post, we provided several tips on pest prevention. Understanding how to prevent pests is just as important as recognizing the signs of a pest infestation. One of the best ways for employees to prevent pests is to eliminate the things that attract them in the first place. Food and beverages are big attraction items for pests. Employee break rooms should be kept clean and any trace of food should be taken care of immediately. That includes wiping down tables to get rid of crumbs and cleaning up spills (pests love puddles). Trashcans should also be emptied daily throughout the facility.

In addition to food and beverages, moisture can also be attractive to pests. Mops and brooms should be stored in a dry condition. Any plumbing leaks should be repaired immediately.

Close pests out.

It is often shocking how little of a space pests need to get into the facility. An opening as small as a quarter could be enough for a rat to enter the property. Smaller pests need even less space. Employees should be on the lookout for areas that can act as entrances for pests. For example, any cracks, crevices or holes should be reported immediately, as these areas would need to be sealed off.

Recognize when commercial pest control services are needed.

Ongoing pest control is a great way to ward off unwanted creatures on the property. Professional assistance is also warranted when a pest infestation has been identified by your employees. Command7 can help you manage pests and protect your brand’s reputation. We provide services nationwide and make pest control and effortless service to order, monitor and track. For more information, contact us at 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form.

3 thoughts on “Make Pest Control a Team Effort

  1. Derek Mcdoogle says:

    Recently my sister has been having a lot of problems with pests. You mentioned that it is often shocking how little of a space pests need to get into the facility. Do most pest control companies know where to look to fill in these spaces? It seems it could be beneficial for her to recruit some professional help.

    • Command7

      Derek, thanks for your question. Yes, a pest control company should know the common entry points and be able to seal them.

  2. emily bennette says:

    Avoiding attracting pest can be a difficult thing to do. I wouldn’t even know what would attract pests. So, I like that you pointed out that food is a huge source of that. It might be good for me to have a pest removal company come inspect my home for signs of pests.

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