How to Make Your Retail Property Energy-Efficient

There are a lot of good reasons to look for ways to make your business energy-efficient. Not only is it good for the environment to make sure that you don’t use as much energy, but it’s also very good on your wallet. Cutting costs is great; however, won’t it be expensive to make improvements? Not necessarily, and the amount of money you save will make it all worthwhile and even pay for itself.

Going greener is a matter of making a number of small improvements that have a big impact. ENERGY STAR is a source of information for you and everyone in your company as well as a provider of several energy-efficient products. As for where to start looking, we at Command7 have a few ideas for you.

The building

It’s important to not overlook the building itself. Regular reviews of the overall equipment, systems, and procedures are a must. Seal any leaks and check on your insulation. Install window films or a reflective roof coating if you can in order to maintain climate control. Properly calibrate controls to make sure that everything is running efficiently and nothing gets wasted.


Take a look at your schedule to see where you can turn lights off. If you have spaces that get a lot of natural light, consider using dimmer lights in those areas. Automatic controls for lights can help if you have areas that are not continuously occupied. Even something as simple as telling your team to turn off lights when they’re not using a room can make a big difference.

Even if your facility is open at all hours, there are ways to save. Keep the essential lights—entrances, exits, main drives, perimeter lights, and any emergency fixtures—but otherwise see where you can turn fixtures off. Places like parking lots in low-traffic times might not need the light full-time.


Changes to your equipment can be as easy as replacing workspace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs. Where you can, purchase, upgrade, or retrofit energy-efficient office equipment. Along with the equipment needs to be a plan—when and how is the equipment going to be used, and can it be turned off when not in use?


If you make all of the above improvements, you’re already in much better shape than you were when you started and have taken a large burden off of your commercial HVAC system. Make sure that your HVAC system is properly maintained and that you’re doing small things to make sure it doesn’t work as hard. Ensure that your heating and cooling systems and maintenance procedures are tuned up, keep your air filters clean and fans free of obstacles that prevent airflow.

If you’re looking to upgrade or maintain your systems to save money or run more cleanly, consider reaching out. Call us at 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form to get in touch and see how Command7 can help you bring down your energy bill and your carbon footprint.

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