Your Parking Lot Maintenance Checklist

Parking lot with one way sign

Your parking lot is one of the first things people see when they stop by your business, so it’s an important investment. Making sure that everything is maintained and repaired as needed can increase your curb appeal and cut down on accidents. How can you make sure that your lot is safe, clean, and usable? Command7 has some items that should be on your parking lot maintenance checklist.

Keep it tidy

Make sure that any nearby outdoor features, like benches, pavilions, plant basins, and even trash bins are properly maintained. Keep cars, trucks, and other obstacles out of traffic and fire lanes. Remove snow and ice as frequently as necessary. Do regular walk-throughs of your lot to clean things up and address anything that could become a bigger issue down the road. Lots should be free of trash, swept, and washed as needed. Drains, basins, and gutters should be kept clean to avoid puddles and pollution of nearby bodies of water.

Make sure people can see

All potential tripping or other accident hazards should be painted with high-visibility paint, ideally bright yellow—storm drain covers, grates, stanchions, light posts, parking lot stripes, crosswalks, traffic directions, and curb warnings should all be visible no matter the weather or time. Pick-up and delivery zones should be clearly marked, as should utilities like fire hydrants and traffic signs.

Keep everything well-lit for safety and security. Make sure that any broken lighting fixtures are repaired and that areas are all well-lit, especially during the evening. If your lights have timers, check them frequently.

Patch the holes

Holes in your parking lot and sidewalk are not only tripping hazards, but they can also become bigger problems if they aren’t maintained. Make sure that any cracks are filled in, especially the large ones, because they could become bigger. As for any bumps in the concrete, try to make sure they stay smooth, and that storm drains and grates are flush with the pavement so that they don’t pose hazards to employees or customers. If seal-coating is within your budget, it could help protect your parking lot from environmental factors that could wear it out.

Look out for plants, too. Sometimes weeds, grass, and other plants can grow through cracks and seams in asphalt. This can make cracks even bigger, so if this is a problem, find a way to control it.

Call a parking lot maintenance service

There’s a lot to take care of when it comes to maintaining your property. Luckily, Command7 can help you with parking lot services and more. Whether you need sweeping, washing, striping, sealcoating, or general repair and maintenance, you have options when it comes to plans. To get more information or a quote, call 855-214-2168 or fill out our online contact form.

Be sure to bookmark or print this page, so you always have a parking lot maintenance checklist handy.

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