What Could Pest Control Cost Me?

Commercial pest control worker and truck

By the time you see a pest, there might already be an infestation in your property. This can threaten everything from the health of the people in your business to your reputation. While it might be tempting to save money by using commercial pest control products, there are times when you need to call in an expert. So what will that cost? When it comes to calculating pest control prices, there are a number of questions that you’ll need to answer for an exterminator.

How frequently do they need to come out?

Some things can’t be taken care of in a single visit, and maintenance can go a long way. How often the exterminator comes out is a matter of your contract—a one-time visit will cost a bit more because the assessment, location, and repair of the problem will be done all at once. Some contracts will allow for an initial visit followed by periodic maintenance visits, which could cost less upfront. Talk to your pest control company about how the frequency of your visits will factor into their prices.

How big is your property, and what is it used for?

In general, the bigger your property is, the more it will cost to maintain. The more room pests have to roam, the more places that the exterminator will need to look and the more time and resources this will take. Some businesses, like food service locations, could have additional things to think about.

What kind of infestation do you have?

Larger, more entrenched infestations will require more time and resources to treat and therefore cost more. In addition, the type of pest infesting your commercial property will determine how it should be approached. Some pests, like bees or raccoons, can often be taken care of in a single visit. Ones, like mice or roaches, that have very high reproduction rates will require ongoing maintenance and regular visits from an exterminator.

What kind of climate are you in?

Not only will different pests live in different climates and areas of the country, but different weather patterns will also affect what decides to make your property its home. Warm and dry areas can make pests seek shade and cool places. Insects in warm, humid areas will be hungry for wet and moldy wood. Cold locations and seasons will make pests look for warm places. Knowing what the pests are looking for is just one step on the path to controlling them.

Get a quote

Without knowing what your exact situation is, there’s no way to guarantee what a commercial pest control service will cost. However, Command7 is full of experts who are ready to give you advice on what you’ll need based on all of the factors listed above. For a quote customized for your needs, call us at 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form.

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