Prepare Your Winter Landscaping for Spring

Grass blades in snow

When you spend your fall worrying about how to prepare your commercial landscape for winter, it might not occur to you to consider how to help it bounce back once spring comes. It might be tempting to let your plants die and grow back in the spring, but it’s not that simple. A little investment in your property now can help save you from landscaping costs in the spring and keep your curb appeal year round. Take a look at these three areas and consider hiring a winter landscaping service.


Plants have a lot working against them in the winter. It can’t be avoided, but you can help make sure that your plants stay healthy into the spring. Wrap your trees in white tree wraps, which will allow them to maintain and release heat when the temperature fluctuates and protect it from freezing. Hire a service that will take up dead leaves before the snow falls. Pruning or trimming plants can help them conserve energy for the spring when it’s time to bloom again. Planting grass seeds in brown or bare spots in the fall can make your lawn beautiful and full when the snow melts. Be ready to treat grass for snow mold if snow has been sitting on the ground for a few months.

Also consider posting a sign forbidding foot traffic on your lawn during the winter. People who walk on your lawn could spread salt or deicers on it. Footsteps can also kill vulnerable grass shoots that might already be weak from the cold.


Soil is a very important part of plant health, so give yours all the help you can. Aerating your lawn starting in the fall will break up compacted soil, which allows grass roots to receive air, water, and nutrients all winter. Laying down mulch will protect roots of perennial plants and trees and also keep in moisture and break down into food for the soil, giving plants some nutrients to work with when spring comes. Fertilizer can also help feed your soil throughout the winter. Make sure that your property also drains properly to prevent it from becoming waterlogged.


Everyone thinks of plants when it comes to landscaping, but don’t forget your building as well. Brickwork, masonry, cement, pavers, and drainage systems are all vulnerable to water and ice. Snow that thaws and becomes water dampens parts of your building—when it refreezes, it expands, which can cause cracks and other damage and make existing cracks larger. Inspect all of these areas for signs of damage before they get too big to repair and must be replaced.

Hiring a landscape maintenance company

Preparing your winter landscaping for spring can seem like a daunting task. No matter where you’re at or what you need, Command7 can help you take care of everything from landscape maintenance to snow removal. Give us a call at 855-214-2168 or fill out our contact form to talk to us about what you’re looking for.

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