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It is a scary thought considering how much is riding on the maintenance providers you hire for your properties. Will they show up on time? Will they complete the work to scope? How much will you have to pay? Maintaining your retail properties is a major task, especially when so much depends on it. Your customers will form an opinion about your brand simply by visiting the facility. You have to make sure that your brand value is protected and that you create an ideal environment for your customers. That is where Command7 comes in.

In the past, facility maintenance came down to only a couple of options—small local service providers or large expensive maintenance companies. Command7 has broken the mold in terms of professional building maintenance and provides an entirely different option—the ability to promptly service any of your locations through the use of technology.

Better Brand Support

Technology has improved so many aspects of our personal and professional lives, why shouldn’t it also enhance facility maintenance? Through our patented processes and technology we will provide your brand with the support you need, so you can ensure your entire portfolio of properties is maintained and looking its best. We give you peace of mind, but those aren’t just words. When Command7 is in charge you can expect the following:

  • Increased control over the appearance and safety of your facilities
  • Providers who will show up on time to complete the work needed
  • Clear communication regarding the status of the maintenance services
  • Quick resolution of any issues that might arise
  • Early avoidance of crises

Command7 Has Your Back

You are not alone when it comes to maintaining your properties. Command7 will have your back. Find out why so many major brands are choosing Command7, by contacting us today. We will provide you with a free quote regarding our professional services.

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