Removing Icicles from Your Retail Facility


Nothing says winter quite like icicles hanging off of a roof. Unfortunately, icicles are bad news for you and your business. Icicles could cause a lot of damage to your building and even injure the people who enter and leave your property. To avoid expensive repairs or liability, keep these tips in mind.

Check on your insulation

It might sound counterintuitive, but a cold roof is a good way to prevent icicles from forming. Icicles can form because of poor insulation that lets heat escape and melt the snow into water, which trickles down and re-freezes on gutters. Keep an eye on the weather and make sure that before the cold sets in, you take the steps to keep heat inside where it belongs with a well-insulated roof that’s properly ventilated.

Get them down safely

We can’t recommend climbing on your roof with a crowbar to take care of icicles. If the icicles on your building are small and far enough off the ground where you could reach them with a rake or pole, you’re probably fairly safe knocking them down to take care of the immediate problem. If the icicles are high up or very big, you will probably need someone to come out to take care of them.

Learn to look for ice dams

Icicles often come before ice dams, which are a big problem on their own. Like icicles, ice dams form when freezing water accumulates at the edge of a roof line, but rather than a point it forms a large chunk of ice. This chunk can prevent water from raining off the roof, building on the problem and potentially getting inside the building where it can do much more damage.

Don’t let snow accumulate

Snow can melt into water, which leads to icicles. On top of that, though, snow accumulation on its own can be an issue. If you have too much snow on your roof, it could cause damage to your building or create slipping hazards in high-traffic areas where your customers might be. Too much snow accumulation could also damage any of the equipment or machinery you have on your roof from your electrical conduits to gas and water lines. On top of that, snow can weigh a lot in large amounts: if that weight is more than your roof can bear, it can lead to a partial or full collapse. Take care of snow before it becomes a very big problem.

Call a snow and ice removal service

Icicles form when water collects and freezes into ice. Snow removal and management is one of the first steps toward preventing this from happening. To get a quote or more information about what snow and ice removal with Command7 could do for your business, call 855-214-2168 or fill out this contact form.

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