Restriping Your Parking Lot? Keep These Points in Mind

Parking lot with trees

You might not give your parking lot much thought, but it’s just as important to your business as your building. It’s one of the first things your customers will notice, and you want to make sure every part of their experience is great. If you’re looking at making your parking lot look sharper, make sure that you know these general parking lot restriping guidelines as well as your local zoning requirements.

Stripes and Paint

When businesses are considering parking lot striping, they’re generally looking for one of three things from their parking lot maintenance service: a new parking lot layout, restriping, or resurfacing lots. Oil-based, or alykd, and latex paints are good to use for nearly any parking lot restriping need.

No matter what lines you’re painting or what you’re using, keep in mind that there are size requirements. Parking stripes are usually 4 inches wide and between 15 and 18 inches long. These lines should also be 15 millimeters thick, which can usually be accomplished with two coats of paint. Paint can be applied with airless or air marking machines, and in some cases pre-formed markings are available.

Parking Stalls

As long as you’re restriping the parking lot, you should make sure that the parking stalls you’re planning on restriping fit into your zoning guidelines. Before you start, also make sure that you verify your lot size and layout: delays because of miscalculations can be costly. Where possible, use strings, lasers, or theodolite instruments to make your measurements.

Once you’ve got the size of your lot figured out, double-check the sizes of your spaces and the space between them. Typical parking stalls are generally 9 feet by 18 feet, with compact spaces coming in at 7.5 by 15 feet or 8.5 by 16 feet, but there are variations.

  • Straight-in stalls are at 90 degree angles. The minimum requirement for the aisle is 22 feet.
  • Angled stalls that are on 45 to 60-degree angles usually have 16-foot aisles.
  • With parallel parking spaces, this depends on whether the spaces are on a road with two-way or one-way traffic. For two-way traffic, you need a 22-foot aisle: one-way aisles need at least 12 feet.

Accessible Parking Spaces

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) code lays out guidelines for accessible parking spaces to make it easy for all of your customers to access your business. According to the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, businesses must provide accessible parking spaces while they’re restriping and remove barriers to access as soon as possible. Make sure that these spaces are marked with signs (and additionally labeled as being van accessible if that applies to the space) and on the ground.

Accessible spaces should be clustered to make sure that they’re on ground level and close to accessible entrances, and have routes to and from them without stairs or curbs. Van-accessible spaces may be relegated to one floor of parking garages that can accommodate the 98-inch height requirement. Spaces should be equal in terms of convenience and parking fees.

Accessible spaces should be a minimum of 8 feet with a 5 foot access way wide enough to allow a wheelchair to enter and exit the vehicle (these access aisles can be shared between spaces). For vans, a wider access aisle of 96 inches is needed to accommodate a wheelchair lift. The boundaries of the access aisle can be squared or curved on the edges, but must be marked.

Other Painted Markings

Parking stalls aren’t the only part of your lot that needs to be taken into consideration when you’re redoing your paint jobs. Your no parking and fire lanes must be clearly marked in order for towing to be legal, so in addition to your signs make sure that the markings are visible on your pavement. If you have crosswalks, they should either be two-foot by eight-foot bars or hatched.

Command7 Can Help

If you’re thinking about restriping or performing any other maintenance on your parking lot, Command7 can help. We’d be happy to talk about your options and even give you a quote for the services you’re looking at. Call us at 855-214-2168 or, if you can’t call, fill out our online contact form.

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