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While what’s inside a commercial building is vital to a business, don’t underestimate the importance of an attractive landscape. Even if you’re not in the landscaping business, a beautiful outdoors will suggest to potential customers that you’re well-curated inside and out. A good landscape can increase the value of any business, and a commercial landscape architect like the ones you can hire through Command7 can help you achieve your desired result. What goes into commercial landscaping, and where can a landscape architect save you money?

Having a Plan

It’s better to go into landscaping with a plan, and landscape architects have plenty of experience with those. There’s more to landscaping than planting a few trees: an architect can figure out what you need, what will and won’t work on the site, and focus on planning around natural challenges to get an ideal landscape for you out of it. Landscape architects can turn what the site could be into something that makes it truly special thanks to their plans and designs.

Embracing Natural Systems

Organic and all-natural might sound like buzzwords, but they can be very important when it comes to architecture. A local landscape architect will be familiar with local natural plant life and how it fits in with the ecosystem and climate in the area. This can save you money in maintenance costs: trying to keep a plant that doesn’t live in your region alive is more expensive than having one around that’s already used to the environment.

Saving Energy

Even beyond using natural systems, commercial landscape architecture can result in energy savings. Certain features, like green roofs, can help reduce air temperature and save on summer cooling costs. Even if you don’t go as far as planting a green roof, a well-placed tree and the shade it provides can keep your air conditioning unit and building cool, saving you money on both energy use and repairs for an overworked HVAC system.

Watering Responsibly

Water is an important resource, and landscape architects have plenty of options for making sure that it doesn’t go to waste. If a landscape feature can clean, collect, and store rainwater, they will know how it works and how to best use it. Some have options for permeable pavement that give you a solution to avoiding puddles and runoff while recharging groundwater. Others will install special irrigation systems that water plants at the root, and only when they need it, to avoid waste and save you money on watering. A properly-designed rain garden is more attractive-looking than a drain and can ensure that water isn’t wasted or causing damage to your property, but instead used to sustain plant life or go re-enter the water cycle more efficiently.

Supervising the Whole Process

Commercial landscape architects don’t just focus on drawing a blueprint for the land. A good architect will visit the site, meet with everyone from the client to the construction team, and make sure that things run smoothly. They’ll stay until the project is completed, and in some cases they’ll manage the landscape that they crafted afterward.

Command7 Commercial Landscape Architects

If you’re looking into beautifying your landscape this season, consider hiring a commercial landscape architect through Command7. Whether you’re looking to maintain what you already have or redo it to make it a little more sustainable, we can provide quality options for all of your needs. Our network of experts across the United States is ready to work with you to ensure that our work fits your brand as well as your area—and saves you money at the same time. For more information or a quote, call 855-214-2168 or contact us online.

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