Some problems, if not handled immediately can quickly become a crisis that hurts your brand and drives customers away. Command7 provides property maintenance and repair services to keep your facility looking and operating at its best.


Appearance matters, and the first thing your customer will notice about your building is its overall appearance—inside and out. A coat of paint goes a long way. Command7 delivers professional painting services that will leave the inside and outside of your property looking like new. We can also provide touch up work that will have your property looking like new.


Controlling access to your properties requires a high level of security and technology sophistication. Command7 installs locks and security systems that allow convenient access to your public doors and restrictions to your private ones. We’re always prepared to come onsite immediately to resolve lockouts or lock malfunctions.

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“Command7 was a clear choice for maintaining our client’s 10,000+ locations. They are a JLL preferred provider, their price points are competitive and they have the bandwidth to service nationally and in remote locations.”



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