The Power of Pressure Washing

Sometimes the parking lot needs more than a regular sweep. Instead it requires pressure washing to get rid of the tough stains and debris. Command7 provides pressure washing as part of our parking lot cleaning services, which are designed to keep your retail properties in their best condition.

Pressure Washing Removes More Than Dirt

Parking lots commonly become cluttered with gum, cigarettes and discarded food. Oil drips and other stains also often plague asphalt and pavement. When parking lot sweeping won’t get the job done, it’s time to move on to pressure washing. Pressure washing can also extend the life of your pavement, ultimately saving you time and money.

Command7 will solve your parking lot problems by sending a qualified professional to your property. We are equipped to tackle any size parking lot—whether large or small. We use brushes and cleaners that will clean your lot without causing damage or harm to the asphalt or nearby landscape.

You Can Rely on Command7 For Your Parking Lot Needs

There are many aspects of maintaining a property, which is only compounded with the more locations that are owned and managed. At Command7, we understand the pressures that companies face to maintain their portfolio of properties and protect their brand’s image. As a result, we have created patented technology and processes to make your job that much easier. Through our innovative software, you can seamlessly order and monitor parking lot maintenance services. When Command7 is in charge, you don’t have to worry about whether the work will be done on time or to scope. We make sure it happens and we communicate the results.

Obtain a free quote today and learn more about how we can help you.

In addition to parking lot cleaning, we also offer preventative parking lot maintenance, lot stripping, asphalt repair and sweeping services.

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