Sustainable Landscaping: Good for the Planet, Good for Your Business

Trees and commercial building

Creating a beautiful place of business is important for your bottom line: in a beautiful, clean environment, customers and employees alike will be happier and healthier. It’s also possible, through careful sustainable landscaping services like those offered through Command7, that you can create a landscape for your business that helps keep the planet cleaner, save money, and even take care of itself. How is that possible? By looking at where resources enter and leave your landscape system and figuring out how to make sure both are as small as possible. Here are some ways that sustainable landscaping accomplishes that.

Putting Value on Water

Water is invaluable to all life, and demand for it is very high. Unfortunately, there are so many ways that water is wasted, whether it’s in the form of pollution, runoff, or simply through wasteful watering practices. Perfectly usable water from storms is often allowed to flow into gutters and sewers as waste, impervious materials keep groundwater supplies from being replenished, and water is indiscriminately used to water everything on a property on a schedule. Sustainable commercial landscaping strives to avoid this outcome through measures like installing and maintaining more controlled irrigation systems, using greywater and natural rainwater where possible, installing permeable pavers to allow water to drain and get filtered before reaching the groundwater, and studying how much water local plants really need.

Using Native Plants

Traditional landscaping is a very “one size fits all” kind of approach when, really, that approach doesn’t work. The United States is a big country with a lot of weather and climate conditions: certain plants don’t grow in certain areas and shouldn’t be forced to. Sustainable commercial landscaping embraces what’s available locally by conserving native plants, removing ones that don’t belong, and being intimately familiar with the requirements of these plants. Local plants are already built to stand up to local temperatures, weather conditions, insects, and other conditions: you will save money and resources by focusing on wildlife that can handle whatever nature throws at it rather than trying to preserve something that didn’t belong in the first place.

Valuing the Soil

Soil is the foundation of any landscape, and keeping yours in good shape is important not only for aesthetic reasons but environmental ones, so sustainable landscaping practices work to replenish and preserve soil where possible. Soil composition and slope can vary by region and impact everything from which plants can grow to whether a region will experience flooding. Soil can get compacted if it’s not taken care of, which can lead to erosion, runoff, and flooding, all of which can create a mess on your property and carry away chemicals that pollute local water supplies.

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

Sustainable landscaping strives to conserve all materials and resources where possible, which can lead to both financial savings and a reduction on your business’ carbon footprint. Rather than bringing in building materials from somewhere else, which is expensive in terms of production and transportation costs, landscapers will look locally or see about reusing existing materials on the property. Rather than using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, more focus is placed on preventing infestations of invasive species, ensuring that the plants can thrive in the local environment, and otherwise using more organic solutions to problems where possible.

Sustainable Landscaping with Command7

If it’s time for your landscape to not only look beautiful, but also be sustainable, look no further than Command7. We can offer sustainable commercial landscaping options to any business in the United States and have the experts to make it possible for your brand and your needs. If you want more information or a quote for any of our commercial landscaping services, call 855-214-2168 or contact us online.

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