Using Landscaping to Cut Down on Energy Consumption in Commercial Properties

Smart landscaping can lower the energy consumption in commercial properties throughout the year. By finding out how to arrange the plantings to get maximum efficiency, commercial property owners can transform their landscape into an exquisite oasis which works to reduce costs of cooling and heating.

The following energy efficient commercial landscaping ideas for your property will help you save up on your energy bills:

Encourage Climbing Vines

If you set up pergolas, archways, and trellises near the windows of your property, this will filter the incoming light and reduce all the heat gain. Vines tend to grow quicker than trees and as such, they can offer more shade in a shorter time period. Opt for flowering vines as this will attract butterflies and hummingbirds. You can also plant climbing vegetables and fruits to get more from your landscaping.

Create Some Dead Space

Planting bushes, shrubs, and vines around the walls of your property will trap an insulation pocket of dead air. This assists in regulating temperatures throughout all seasons. Place the plants far away enough so that there’s around a foot of distance between the property and the fully grown vegetation. If you plant too close, this can lead to problems with the building’s foundation and also encourage the pests to find residence indoors.

Keep the Wind at Bay

Plant a wind break which consists of thick vegetation of a range of sizes. This will reduce the wind speeds by up to 30 times the tallest plants’ height. As long as you have this, it will prevent seasonal winds from undermining the heating and cooling system’s efficiency by buffeting the property. You can consider using plants (evergreens, for instance) to make sure there’s maximum protection in both the summer as well as the winter.

Cool Down the Temperature with Trees

Shade trees can cool the yard by almost up to 6 degrees. They also have the power to reduce the indoor temperature by as much as 25%. As long as your property is cool, the air conditioning system will run 10% more efficiently all throughout the summer. This will not only reduce the energy consumption, but will also prolong the air conditioning system’s life as wear due to regular operation will be greatly reduced.

Refrain from Wasting Water

While you are designing the landscape of your commercial property, opt for plants which are acclimated to the environment. Consider placing them where they will get optimal amount of shade and light. Also, you should water only when the plants require moisture, and time the watering for the coolest times of the day in order to avoid any excessive evaporation. You can choose the plants which have stronger root systems as they will hold the soil in place, creating a more energy efficient environment.

As long as you follow the above mentioned tips, you can rest assured the energy consumption on your commercial property will be kept to a minimum.

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